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Dear Friends,

As the winter brings us many joys and hardships at the same time, it has been the case for PIN Georgia too with a number of people changing their position and country of work and new people coming in. For me personally, it was a period of transition, moving to Georgia with my family, making it a part of our lives, entering a new and welcoming environment.

Having worked for PIN for almost 15 years, I continuously feel inspired by the founding ethos of our organization dating back from the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia. Its leading figure, former president Václav Havel, once said, “Civil society, as I understand it, is one of the great opportunities for human responsibility for the world”.

On coming to PIN Georgia, I am very glad that this same ethos is alive here, carried forward by our dedicated team. It is very clear from our work here that it is not just a job that we do, but an opportunity to take our part of responsibility for the society we live in.

I am very happy and proud of this as well as of the recent achievements of PIN Georgia. These include a boost to agricultural development through great effort on strengthening cooperatives under EU ENPARD scheme. As well as good governance and social integration initiatives carried out by PIN to enable better integration of socially vulnerable groups in society.

I sincerely hope that I will be able to help PIN Georgia to continue the great work that we are doing and specifically my focus will be on strategic involvement of partners from public, private and civil society sector especially with a view on supporting good governance as the key issue influencing all other sectors.

I wish our readers a good read and a pleasant start of spring. I wish success to our team over the next few months of hard work!


Ondřej Nádvorník, Country Director of People In Need Georgia


Project: "Enhancing Small Farmers’ Cooperation and Productivity in Imereti and Racha Regions (ENPARD)"

Through the ENPARD project, People in Need facilitated the establishment of : 

  • 32 cooperatives with more than 400 members.
  • 12 on-farm demonstrations and 2 regional associations.
  • ENPARD supported cooperatives successfully participated in 7 national and 2 international agriculture exhibitions.
  • ENPARD supported cooperatives using new production, processing and/or marketing techniques.
  • ENPARD created over 150 new seasonal job opportunities in Imereti and Racha regions.
Project: "Local Action Group Kazbegi (ENPARD-Pilot Rural Development Measures)"

PIN successfully completed the first stage of the project "Local Action Group Kazbegi". During the first two years, the project established the Local Action Group Kazbegi and supported 63 local initiatives, created more than 150 jobs and

brought benefits to more than 2,000 people. Second Phase of this project started in January. 

Project: "Improving Vocational Education for the Agribusiness in Georgia"

Through the EU/Czech Development Agency funded project on vocational education, People in Need facilitated the following achievements:

  • 25 students of Iberia College participated in  Work-Based Learning program in apiculture and horticulture.
  • 5 vocational education institutions supported to offer better quality education.
  • 7 study tours in Georgia for 320 students and agro professionals and 2 study tours to Turkey for 9 agro experts. 
  • 73 farmers improved practical skills in bio humus production.
  • 51 vulnerable farmers trained in gardening and apiculture.
  • 20 farmers took part in an advanced course in persimmon and hazelnut farming.

Projects: "Enhancing the Participation of Regional CSOs in Policy Dialogue on Social Inclusion in Georgia" 

In Tkibuli, Gori and Khoni and Zugdidi Municipality, through this EU funded project:
  • Bedrooms have been arranged in 11 kindergartens of Khoni and Tkibuli, other facilities have also been upgraded. 
  • A nursery group was launched in a kindergarten in Khoni and will serve 25 children.
  • Cultural Centre for Elderly was established in Tkibuli and will host various activities, meetings and film screenings.
  • Social laundries were launched in Tkibuli, Gori and Khoni Municipalities. 
  • Innovational for Georgia solar water heaters were installed in three kindergartens of Khoni Municipality significantly improving hygienic conditions and reducing the risk of infections in these kindergartens.
  • The creation of 10 Business Startups was supported to help probationers in their transition to civilian life in Gori.
  • The establishment of 2 youth centres IDP settlements in Gori committed to the empowerment of youth.

Project: "Support of Social Inclusion of Youth with Disabilities in Georgia"

The pilot component of school social work was implemented in two public schools of Tbilisi. The activity aimed to introduce social workers in the school community and enhance inclusion of students with special educational needs.
  • Thanks to the project efforts, parents’ clubs have been established in targeted schools.
  • Together with the administration of schools, the project improved individual educational plans of students with special educational needs and enhanced teachers’ qualifications to work with them.
  • Social workers engaged in the project carried out a group and individual activities with the students to support their better inclusion in a school environment.
Project: "Civic Society Organizations Supporting Free Trade with Europe"

Rural Communities Development Agency (RCDA), partner of People inNeedin the project, held a training for Civil Society Organizations and LAG's from Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Kakheti, and Kvemo Kartli region. The topics discussed during the training are HACCP, quality standards in EU market, safety and hygiene practices for food manufacturing. These competencies will help the participants increase their awareness in the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) agreement with the EU in terms of food safety and quality standards, to enable them to further share knowledge 
and information to interested farmers, cooperatives and general public. 

Project: "Enhancing the Participation of Regional CSOs in Policy Dialogue on Social Inclusion in Georgia" 

Through the Civil Society Development component of this EU funded project, People in Need facilitated the creation of 4 Advisory Committees in the municipalities of Tkibuli, Gori, and Khoni. The Advisory Committees identified and prioritized the needs of the local communities and successfully worked in cooperation with the local municipalities to develop the activities described in the Social Protection and Inclusion section.

New Project Launched on EU Phytosanitary Standards 

Last November, People in Need Georgia has launched the new project "Introducing EU Phytosanitary Standards to Georgia".  This project financed by the Czech Development Agency and USAID  aims to upgrade the phytosanitary system in Georgia in accordance with European Union requirements to enable access to safe Georgian plants and plant products to EU as well as other international markets. The project will cover all Georgia for a period of 18 months with a budget of 198,000 USD. 
"Introducing EU Phytosanitary Standards to Georgia" Launching Event
Project "Strengthening Rural Development Models in Georgia"
In January 2018 People in Need Georgia launched a project "Strengthening Rural Development Models in Georgia" which is a continuation of the pilot rural development measures (phase II). The project is funded by the European Union within the framework of the European Neighborhood Program for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD II) with the aim of contributing to the reduction of poverty through integrated, sustainable and participatory rural development in Georgia. To improve the quality of life of the rural population in Kazbegi, People in Need will strengthen the community-led local development approach that is already well implemented in other projects and will further extend support to the existing Local Action Group in Kazbegi Municipality.  The ideas incorporated into the project design are based on good practices and lessons learned during the implementation of the ENPARD I projects. The focus is on the best ways to make LAGs more professional and sustainable, building their knowledge and capacity and providing them with the tools to allow them to operate independently after the project’s completion. The Project will be run until December 2019 with a budget of 2,098,214 EUR.

New Project Launched on Sustainable Development
The Centre for Training and Consultancy (CTC) have launched the 2 years project Advancing Regions for Sustainable Development (ARSD).
The project is implemented in partnership with People Need Georgia and the Institute of Democracy (IOD). Project strategic goal is to facilitate evidence-based and informed policymaking. Through the project, Georgian authorities will improve their strategic planning and implementation capacities in the field of regional development.


"My Second Chance of Life": the story of Mamuka

In 2016 People in Need supported an innovative project to promote the rehabilitation and re-socialization of people convicted of a crime.  

Life in prison was more than bleak. It was despair.  All that I could see were days turning into weeks, weeks turning into months, months turning into years, and years turning into decades. As I lay in a jail cell, with walls closing in around me, I didn’t know how to make sense of my life”  says Mamuka. But after his release, People in Need funded project “New Way” that supports resocialization of ex-prisoners, provided him with a 4-month extensive course in beekeeping and received a grant that included several beehives and the necessary equipment to start a beekeeping business and a new life. 


                               Towards Europe With Better Capacity

After the series of training about DCFTA-related issues, representatives of 23 Civil Society Organizations and Local Action Groups from seven regions of Georgia will become managers of DCFTA information-resource desks established in their offices. They will manage the desks with the knowledge of DCFTA related to the agrarian sector, EU regulations of food safety and quality standards, environmental protection, climate-smart agriculture, energy efficiency and clean energy. DCFTA information and resource desks to become local focal points for rural SME and agrarian producers in the project’s target regions.


Elderly Care Mobile Group  "Supporting who Needs it most"

People in Need Georgia in cooperation with Social Security Department of Zugdidi Municipality (Gamgeoba), is running since 2017 a successful project that involves a very vulnerable category: elderly people living alone.

“Since July 2017 a mobile care group started offering its services to elderly people. To travel around, the group used an orange van, very recognizable from beneficiaries. The van was equipped with a washing machine and even a small living room” says Nana Kurashvili, Head of Programmes of People in Need Georgia.



"Elderly Care Mobile Group"

Meet Irene, our EU Aid Volunteer based in Kutaisi to support
People in Need Georgia!

Please say a few words about yourself, experience, and previous positions occupied etc.

Hello, my name is Irene, I am an Italian EUAID Volunteer and I am very happy to be deployed in Georgia. Until 3 weeks ago, I was the coordinator of a Refugee Centre in Milano, hosting 80 asylum seekers from Central-West Africa. Before that, I worked in Turkey as Head of International Relations for a Turkish University and I have been a volunteer on the Syria-Turkey Refugee Crisis on the border.


ენპარდის შედეგები იმერეთსა და რაჭაში_ENPARD Results in Imereti and Racha Regions IPIN
Are you curious to know why the ENPARD Project is considered as one of the most successful agriculture projects in Georgia? Find the answer in the TV Imedi Morning Program
LAG Kazbegi Goals, Objectives and Up to Date Results in "Business Code", Iberia TV IPIN
Watch the TV Iberia Talk Show "Business Code" and learn more about the LAG Kazbegi Project that during 2 years supported, 63 local initiative and created over 110 job opportunities.
PIN-ის სოციალური პროექტები_PIN's Social Projects IPIN
Nana Kurashvili, People in Need Head of Programmes, and Ana Kochua, Social Project Coordinator, at Mega TV Live Talk Show discuss Social Projects' goals, objectives and up to date results.
At Channel 1 Public Broadcaster Radio Program "Academic Space" we talk about  "Support to the Social Inclusion of Youth with Disabilities in Georgia" actively working to improve capacities and services for better inclusion of youth with disabilities in education and labor market. 
 For more media coverage click here
 Social Support Projects in Gori 
People in Need Georgia introduced "Social Support Projects in Gori Municipality" in which we supported the establishment of Social Laundries, Home Care Services, Delivery of Hot Meals Services for the socially unprotected elderly and also promoted Resocialization of Probationers.
PIN Social Support Project in Tkibuli and Khoni
Video presentation of the activities of the PIN Social Support Projects supporting Cultural Centre for Elderly; Social Laundries, in Tkibuli and Khoni. Also a nursery group was launched in Khoni and will host 25 children.
Return to the Land of Ancestors
Project "Local Action Group (LAG) Kazbegi" supports repopulation initiatives in Kazbegi, a beautiful mountainous and rural district that experienced depopulation and economic decline.
 "Ana's School"
People in Need presents "Ana's School - The path to inclusion" with the story of Ana, 6 years old girl who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, and the struggles of her path of inclusion and acceptance in public education. 
Imereti Veterinary Association
Watch the video about the launching of the veterinary clinics established by the "Imereti Veterinary Association" supported by People in Need/ ENPARD. Each clinic provides farmers with important services: animal treatment, surgical operations, castration and artificial insemination.
Studies & Researches 
on Accessibility of Social Services
Engagement of the agricultural private sector in vocational education
Agricultural Labor market in Imereti Municipal Strategy on Social Inclusion of Tkibuli
Municipal Strategy on Social Inclusion of Gori
Municipal Strategy on social Inclusion of Khoni
Exploring Gudauri for development of the Kazbegi municipality
Agriculture Potential Assessment of Kazbegi Municipality
The Overview of Kazbegi General Development Potential
Institutional Environment for Young PWDs Employment and Employability Support in Georgia
Inclusive Education Study
Assessment Study of the Information and Consulting Centres
Tourism Sector in Kazbegi Municipality
Kazbegi Development Strategy
Donors and Partners
Donors:  The European CommissionThe Government of the Czech RepublicU.S. Agency for International Development - USAID
Partners: Georgian Association of Social WorkersGeoWel ResearchCenter for Training and consultancy (CTC)Tkibuli District Development Fund (TDDF)Biological Farming Association ElkanaNNLAG - Czech RepublicCenter for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG)Children and Youth Development Fund (CYDF)Children and Youth National Centre (CYNC)Charles University of Life Sciences (CULSP)Association of Young Economists of Georgia (AYEG)Elva (Mosavali)Akaki Tsereteli State University (ATSU)TanaziariCharity Humanitarian Centre Abkhazeti (CHCA)Fund Sukhumi. Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG)Rural Communities Development Agency (RCDA)Association Atinati.
PIN Offices
Tbilisi Head Office
16 G. Kikodze str. Tbilisi
Tel: (+995 32) 2 92 00 15

 Kutaisi Office
 27 Solomon I str. Kutaisi
 Tel: (+995 43 1) 25-25-65

 Kazbegi office
 1 Vaja Phshavela str. Kazbegi  
 Tel: (+995) 5 91 80 09 22
Gori Office
18 Stalini str. Gori
Tel:  (+995) 5 95 99 24 01

Zugdidi Office
 4 8 Marti str. Zugdidi
 Tel:  (+995) 5 91 11 11 

PIN Georgia Newsletter (October - February 2018) Prepared
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